Interior fabric collection

INNOVABRIC range of fabric includes jacquard linen, cotton, polyester, viscose with plain and motif weaves. suitable for upholstory, cushion and seating.




















Linen fabric

Linen fabric has been used for chair covering, table covering and clothing for many years. linen fabric and linen blends are easy to sew and maintain. we have wide range of linen collection includes plain, stripe, motif and check.







Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has been used for all purpose, such as clothing, upholstery, towel, curtain and others. it can blend with other fibers, including rayon and synthetic fibers sucs as polyester. we have wide range of full cotton fabric and cotton mix fabric, including plain, stripe, check and satin.














Design collection

Aside from linen and cotton we also develp fabric with other material, such as polyester, rayon, acrylic, etc. those materials often used to produce fabric by mixing it in a weaving pattern.

We also develop fabric collection by combining design and color to create harmony.

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