Flame retardant.

We deliver SAFETY and convenience to society by creating flame retardant products.


To gives you safety.

Do not risk your SAFETY and INVESTMENTS, FR Fabric is a must, not only for contract but also for your own interior.



What is Flame Retardant

Understanding the basic differences between “internet” and “treated” Flame resistant technologies is very important for those responsible for evaluating, selecting, and using flame retardant fabric.

When a fabric is designated as inherently fire-retardant, the flame retardancy will last for the life of the fabric. The drapery can be laundered or dry-cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer in the case of fabrics that are designated as fire-retardant, that have been topically treat ed with chemicals, the flame retardancy of the fabric will dissipate over time, particularly with repeated cleaning. These fabrics must be dry-cleaned with a non-liquid cleaning agent. it is recommended that topically treated fabric be re-treated by a qualified professional as needed

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